NMCEA is an organization of chamber executives from across the state, working together to improve the business climate in New Mexico, while developing ways to enhance the quality of life in the communities that they represent. NMCEA provides leadership for chamber employees through its networks and resources. All New Mexico chamber executives are invited to join NMCEA and learn about ways to strengthen their professional development. Our member chambers represent more than 10,000 businesses throughout the state.


New Mexico Chambers Coming Together
Agenda for NMCEA
51st Legislature, 2nd Session

  • LFC and Administration recommendations to fund JTIP as a recurring line item in the EDD budget at $1.5M and administration recommendation of additional $1.5M non-recurring
  • Increasing both thresholds and caps for Angel Investment Tax Credit to attract investment
  • Combining Technology Jobs/R and D Small Business tax credits, increasing the percent of new investment for which credit can be claimed, enhancing benefits and making credit refundable  to enhance effectiveness
  • Funding of $15M for LEDA grants (closing fund)
  • $2M to the Technology Research CollaborativeAdministration and LFC recommendations for $500K for New Mexico Main Street programs
  • LFC recommendation $100K for state certified business incubators
  • SB9 Creation of a One Stop Business Portal for all fees/filings
  • $6M for construction of the southern access road to Spaceport America to develop the full economic value of the facility (capital outlay) 


  • Administration and LFC proposals to expand training of nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, dentists and nurse educators
  • Administration and LFC proposals for voluntary community health worker certification
  • Administration and LFC proposals for attracting and retaining health care professionals
  • Administration proposal for increased funding of nursing homes and behavioral health network
  • Fully funding the Sole Community Provider program


  • Administration recommendation targeting 60% ($112M) capital outlay for water infrastructure
  • Administration recommendation for $2M for water research at New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute
  • Administration recommendation for $250K for Water Technical Assistance Fund
  • Administration recommendation for $200K for Dry Community Water Emergency Fund


  • LFC recommended minimum reserves of 9.5%LFC recommended 1.5% salary increase for all state employees and teachers but not at the expense of underfunding education reform and economic development
  • Administration and LFC recommendations for additional compensation for positions with critical recruitment/retention issues including state police, correctional officers and protective services workers
  • Capital outlay funding for major infrastructure projects to promote economic growth  
  • Any General Fund Tax Increases
  • Any use of Permanent Fund or other fund dollars for purposes not intended
  • Reinstatement of Gross Receipts Tax on food sales 


  • Administration and LFC recommended appropriation of $2.5M in new money to Tourism Department for advertising   


  • Streamlining traditional telephone service regulation to enhance consumer choice and promote investment in newer technologies for the state’s largest incumbent providers


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NMCEA Board of Directors

Terri Cole, President
President/CEO  Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce
Bill Allen, Incoming President
President/CEO Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce
Simon Brackley, Board Member
President/CEO  Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce
Mike Espiritu, Board Member
President/CEO Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce
Debbi Moore, Board Member
President/CEO Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce
Scott Terry, Board Member
President/CEO Silver City - Grant County Chamber of Commerce


New Mexico Chambers Coming Together
Agenda for NMCEA
51st Legislature, 2nd Session


  • Confirmation of Hanna Skandera as Secretary of Education
  • Administration and LFC recommendations to increase minimum starting teachers’ salaries
  • Administration RECOMMENDATION of $15.5M below the line and LFC recommendation NO S of $13.5M below the line for New Mexico Reads to Lead
  • LFC recommendation for $25.95M below the line for Kindergarten-Three-Plus
  • LFC recommendation for $22.45M below the line for Pre-kindergarten
  • Administration recommendation of $12.1M below the line for pilot project to reward highly effective teachers and school leaders
  • Administration recommendation of $29M below the line for New Mexico Graduates Now, Parent Portal, struggling schools support, teacher/school leader education and preparation and New Mexico Teach Evaluation implementation
  • Legislation to support teacher and school performance by adding part-time adjunct teachers, recruiting/retaining STEM teachers (budget item), accelerated advancement to administrator and through 3-tier system
  • Legislation to improve student outcomes by addressing truancy/dropout and third grade reading retention


  • Administration recommendation to reform Higher Education Endowment Fund and provide $7.5M in endowment funds
  • LFC and Administration recommendation for $11M to meet Legislative Lottery Scholarship obligations for Spring semester
  • SB9 In-state tuition for international STEM/business students 


HJR3 and SJR12 to indefinitely extend the additional annual distribution from the Land Grant Permanent Fund for education reforms, teachers’ salaries and early childhood programs
HJR4 and SJR2 to eliminate the cabinet level Department of Education and replace it with a State Board of Education and Superintendent of Education
SJR8 to expand the duties, functions and powers of the current  Public Education Commission
SJR13 to increase minimum wage